Dealing Machine

The best has just got better.

  • Robust construction allowing safe movement and storage
  • Frequent and free software updates
  • Built-in diagnostic functions and online support services
  • 5 year warranty, covering all parts and labour, supported by an international network of technicians and depots

PlayBridgeDealer4+ – offers all of the above but with its built-in memory and touch-screen operational panel, it does not need to be connected to a computer during the dealing process. This offers those who don’t have a fixed base for their machines greater ease of mobility, handling and operational set up. The dealing data is just plugged in, using a standard flashdrive and away you go.

PlayBridgeDealer4 – renowned the world over for reliability, 100% dealing accuracy and first class service. This machine will remain our bedrock and continue to offer: • The latest optical recognition system which reads the face of standard playing cards, including jumbo print and even braille • A unique board recognition system to ensure that the cards are always dealt to the correct board • Clear messages which warn of any operational problems that may occur during the dealing process, for instance duplicate cards • Smooth delivery system, which provides a 5.5 second per deck dealing speed • Rollers that clean cards as they are dealt, giving exception card life, whether using paper or plastic cards

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As registered importers, we can assist in importing the machines.